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Bachelor Thesis for Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, committed to delivering innovation. We want to offer students studying in the Oslo area the opportunity to write their bachelor thesis with Accenture. By writing your bachelor thesis with Accenture you will gain valuable experience on applying knowledge from your studies to a real life work challenge.
All students that write their bachelor thesis with Accenture will join a well defined guidance program. Each group of students will have one or more tutors that support them throughout the project. In addition to group follow-up, Accenture facilitates a common follow-up program, connecting all students writing thesis with Accenture. To ensure effective guidance and collaboration between the tutor and the students, we will prioritize students taking their higher education in Oslo/ Akershus area.
How to apply
Please register your resume and upload it while submitting this application. If you represent a group, please introduce all the members you represent. In the application you need to outline what subjects you are interested in doing the thesis on, the duration of the assignment, a brief description of how your school organizes guidance of thesis writing, and how your thesis will be evaluated by your school. Due to a limited capacity we will need to evaluate the background of the potential participants in this program, so please also upload the grades you have achieved this far. If you represent a group, we ask that you upload application papers for all participants in your group. Please zip the documents if the number or size of the documents is excessive.
  • The student must have an interest for programming or system development
  • The student must have a closing bachelor`s degree
  • The student must have good academic results

For further information please contact:

Bachelor Thesis Responsible - Rune Waage. E-mail: rune.waage@accenture.com  


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Publisert: 04 mai 2012
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